LeRoy Landers

LeRoy Landers



“When I was fourteen, I knew that I wanted to be an architect. I loved drawing. I loved solving gnarly problems. I loved to build things. What I didn’t know is that architecture is, at its very core, about people. For me, this is the most rewarding aspect of being an architect.”

An engaging and visionary designer, LeRoy guides the practice in pursuit of values-based work that enriches community. His leadership style encourages an integrated approach to planning and design with shared responsibility to push for the best work possible. LeRoy has almost 35 years of architectural experience with educational facilities encompassing facility planning, programming, design, and analysis for diverse new construction and renovation/addition projects. His continuous passion to create visionary facilities that respect community while meeting clients’ goals can be seen in his K-12 work with various school districts across the Pacific Northwest.

LeRoy is a Certified Facility Assessor in Washington and Oregon and a Certified Long Range Facility Planner in Oregon. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Oregon and a Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. He is a registered architect in Washington and Oregon.