Tim Meyers

Tim Meyers



“I believe the decisions we make can only be as good as the information that guides them. I find inspiration in the process and look to provide pertinent data to inform decisions towards a more sustainable future.”

Tim has over 10 years of architectural experience exploring the crossroads of user experience and computational design. While designing, he looks at a range of inputs from circulation efficiencies to daylight impacts on circadian rhythms. Tim brings innovative, efficient, and collaborative design methods throughout the entire process from the initial concept sketch through construction documentation and conveys an approach to design that starts with the individual and extends to the building, community, and environment.

He believes in simplifying the design process by using consistent metrics for buildings to perform to their highest efficiency. He is consistently thinking of creative ways for design teams to make smarter and more impactful decisions. Tim has pioneered programs internally to provide quick online resources to Mahlum staff. His design toolkits virtually guide architects and designers on how to effectively use programs and resources.

Tim received his Master of Architecture from the Kansas State University and is a registered architect in Missouri.