At Mahlum, we celebrate hard work, curiosity, tenacity, collaboration, generosity, and creativity.

With offices in Seattle and Portland, we feel deeply rooted to the ways of the Pacific Northwest – the refreshing mist of rain on a drizzly hike, the simple pleasure of a great book on a quiet afternoon, or the creative inspiration that comes from vigorous debate over all things design-related. Relationships form the foundation of our culture, so we bring the firm together whenever we can – whether that’s working together for beloved non-profits, or finding other ways to empower communities and create lasting impact. Without a doubt, we are energized by each other.

A photo of three women smiling happily for the camera

Both offices support what we like to call a “great workplace.” Whether it’s our annual party in January or the annual all-staff retreat in July, we create time to revel in the company of colleagues whom we trust and share space with, literally and metaphorically. Each office comes up with new and fun staff activities, which sometimes incorporate family and friends. We can’t seem to get enough of each other’s company. There’s something for everyone: crock-pot /chili cook-offs, lunch and learns, happy hours, distillery tours, bike to lunch, bowling night, camping, picnics, and Sounders and Timbers games. If you can dream it, we will probably do it.


Mahlum creates opportunities to forge personal connections beyond project work.

Mahlum participates in many fundraising activities which support our surrounding communities. Food Lifeline’s Food Frenzy in Seattle culminates in a well-attended Blind Wine Draw each July, while our annual September golf event in Portland raises funds for non-profits which have included Oregon Food Bank and NOMA NW Project Pipeline. Giving back in tangible ways is highly valued within our culture. We prioritize giving time and raising concrete resources that enable programming that supports our values beyond the boundaries of our offices.