Design for Good, Impact through Empowerment

Our Vision

Mahlum envisions a world where healthy human and environmental systems thrive. We believe community empowerment will be the game-changing force that leads to sustainable, transformational ways to make that possible.

Our Purpose

As architects and designers, we will revolutionize the way individuals and communities are empowered by the spaces and places where they live, learn, and work.

Four people stand around a table while one person sketches an idea.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity
In all decisions, do the right thing. From internal culture to design choices, rigorous adherence to this value makes everything we do better.

Responsibility and Accountability
If it’s on your plate, it’s yours to own. We’re counting on you to deliver.

Respect and Consideration of Others
Our community thrives because we can always rely on each other to act in the best interest of others.

Commitment to Staff and Clients
Investing ourselves in the success of every one on staff assures continued personal and professional growth, and optimal outcomes for our valued clients.

Search for Excellence
We feel pride in our work and relationships yet are never satisfied. Curiosity about what’s new or what’s next in our problem solving tool kit continues unabated.

Working Together, Helping Each Other
Collaboration comes naturally here. People who revel in the power of shared ideas and outcomes are drawn to our practice.