As designers, we have committed to revolutionizing the way design empowers individuals and communities – the environmental, physical, and mental dimensions of human experience.

Great solutions begin with the right questions. We want to know user needs by heart.

How do we promote easy access to the natural environment, even in urban areas?

Not every building can be situated in a forest, but every user deserves to enjoy the benefits exposure to nature can bring. Whether by skylight or sightline or greening of an interior, we’re determined to fulfill that promise. There’s always a way.

How do we promote community in our projects and our process?

How do we promote the process of learning?

How do we empower all people, being fair and impartial, to pursue a happy and healthy life?

How do we promote good physical and mental conditions through our design?

A thoughtful inquiry process gives us cues about the psychological landscape, habits of mind, movement patterns, and social dynamics at play. Out of that puzzle, a cohesive vision unfolds.

How do we aesthetically match, serve, and benefit a unique culture?

How do we create protection, perceived security, or resiliency in our designs?

How do we impact the network and ecosystem that we live and work in?

How do we provide access to healthy housing for all?

Meeting basic human needs for a safe place to live and the ability live with dignity motivates our team in a visceral way. Through community partnerships, our work can be replicated, as a model, and serve more communities in need.

Mahlum envisions a world where healthy human and environmental systems thrive. We believe community empowerment will be the game-changing force that leads to sustainable, transformational ways to make that possible.