Opportunity to Learn: Black Affinity Housing Community

Marijana Misic and Kurt Haapala stand at front of room while listening to Black Affinity House residents.

Mahlum endeavors to revisit our completed projects with the specific intent to learn and adapt our design solutions to support users’ needs. After being operational for three years, we looked forward to discovering how Alma Clark Glass Hall at Western Washington University was functioning for its residents, specifically the Black Affinity Housing community.

Growing Schools: The Feasibility of Mass Timber K-12 Schools in Washington State

A few years ago, we wondered why more mass timber K-12 schools, especially larger and multi-story structures, were not being built in Washington State. To find answers to these questions, we formed an expert mass timber team comprised of Mahlum staff and consultant firms, submitted a proposal to the USDA/US Forest Service for a Wood Innovations Grant, and embarked on a two-year long study.