Ackerman Hall

Western Oregon University

This live/learn residence hall at Western Oregon University creates strong connections between residential and academic life. Located in ‘the Grove,’ a central open space linking residential and academic campus districts, Ackerman Hall is a community destination at this campus crossroads. Providing freshman through seniors with an attractive alternative to off-campus housing, the facility mixes both scholastic and housing programs into a single community.

A community hub at the nexus of academic and residential life

As the first large-scale LEED NC Platinum certified residence hall in the country, Ackerman Hall makes a significant statement about environmental stewardship. Specific strategies include a rainwater harvesting system that contributes to a 50% reduction in potable water usage and two types of solar pre-heat systems that contribute to a projected 35% reduction in energy consumption.

USGBC LEED Platinum Certification (2011) | IIDA Oregon Citation Award (2011)