Amberglen Information Technology Headquarters Remodel

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser had recently relocated 200 IT employees into the space in Hillsboro, Oregon, from Kaiser National Headquarters. With the goal of satisfying this core team and attracting other top talent, Kaiser hired Mahlum to develop a unique space, reflective of the cultural values and environmental ethos of the Northwest, that didn’t have to follow a uniform design standard.

Materials from Portland artisans were incorporated throughout the space, accentuating rich textures and a hand-crafted feel. Strong ties to nature are represented through a tree-like ceiling installation, warm interior finishes, and large art displays. Intimate ‘campfire’ gathering areas and the collaborative meeting rooms support personal reflection and group interaction. A central serves as a communal gathering area with a family-style picnic table, ping-pong table, TV, and kitchenette.

Kaiser Permanente 2017 Design Excellence Awards Program, Honorable Mention, Small/Renovation: Less than 10 Million Category (2017)