Bothell Master Plan

University of Washington

The 2017 Campus Master Plan (CMP) for UW Bothell/Cascadia College evolved out of a desire to overhaul and streamline jurisdictional review processes and standards for future development on this shared campus. As both institutions have grown and evolved during the campus’ 25-years, the original planned unit development (PUD) proved to be a cumbersome and inflexible land use regulatory structure for both the institutions and the City of Bothell.

UW’s desire to develop on-campus student housing and dining further underscored gaps in the existing planning processes and reinforced the need for an improved system. The CMP establishes a short-term development plan (including both academic and housing projects) as well as a shared long-term vision for the campus, serving as the basis for all future development and regulatory action. A rigorous community outreach process and coordination with both city and transit officials were critical success factors. It established overarching Guiding Principles and more detailed Design Principles that complement the City’s Campus District Regulations. It will inform and guide both design teams and campus design oversight processes, serving as the foundation for ultimate realization of the Campus Vision.

SCUP Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus, Honorable Mention (2019)