CLT Light Bright

Mahlum Architects

As an installation in Seattle Design Festival’s Block Party: POWER, CLT Light Bright engages the public – little kids and big kids alike – by providing a life-size toy that encourages play, while also allowing for calm introspection and a connection to nature. The result is a unique duality of perception. The power of the installation is in its ability to create joy.

To frame the user experience, the installation utilizes Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as both its structure and finish. Installed on site in less than two hours, the CLT Light Bright validates the advantages of CLT in its speed of construction and structural opportunities, both inherent in the material.

The community was encouraged to interact with the installation by moving more than 300 transparent, colored tubes into different positions. The manipulation of tube adjacencies creates unique choreographies of light, color, texture, and pattern.

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