Lakeridge Middle School

Lake Oswego School District

With its warm and welcoming environment, Lakeridge Middle School supports the unique needs of the middle school learner.

In alignment with recent research that confirms the emotional impact of surface texture and finish materials on students, the design team takes advantage of material expression and biophilia. By featuring exposed wood beams, wood ceilings, and White Oak tree trunks in the design, the team hopes to evoke memories of being in nature, thereby reducing stress, anxiety, and potential aggressive behavior in students. The fascinating story about the collection of the tree trunks from the building site, and the incorporation of them into the new school’s design, can be viewed at Redshift by Autodesk.

Interior rendering showing the library and commons

Interior rendering showing students on a stair and students walking in a daylit corridor

At Lakeridge, the primary learning spaces, which wrap around the central courtyard, have been reimagined into a series of tech-savvy classrooms with adjoining larger rooms, which we call Learning Studios. Each classroom features multiple teaching walls, mobile technology, and flexible furniture, while the larger rooms accommodate a greater number of students and are outfitted with hanging power grids, shop-style sinks, and mobile tool closets for shared project work.

The middle school’s traditional cafeteria has been reinterpreted as a distributed commons, catering to both students who thrive in active areas and those who prefer quiet spaces. The design breaks the commons into several zones, each offering a range of seating options and scales. The room’s wood ceiling brings warmth and acoustical comfort to the space, while a wall of glass allows in ample daylight and offers access to a covered porch in the courtyard.

Dedicated to sustainability, Lakeridge Middle School is part of the Energy Trust of Oregon Path to Net Zero Energy program.