Seattle Kidney Center at Yesler Terrace

Northwest Kidney Centers

Building upon its legacy of innovation, Northwest Kidney Centers is consolidating existing services in a new state-of-the-art clinic dedicated to delivering life-changing care to patients living with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Sited in the diverse, mixed-use, residential neighborhood of Yesler Terrace, the new facility will deliver patient-centered care and offer support to the nearly 20% of Northwest Kidney Center patients who experience housing insecurity.

Urban Plaza
A dedicated drop-off/pick-up plaza at the north end of the site provides patients and guests safe arrival at the main entry. The plaza will also serve as a drop-off/pick-up for those utilizing Metro access van transportation. Adjacent, internal waiting areas offer excellent lines of site to the plaza and nature beyond.

Additional patient and staff parking and material delivery is provided in a two-story, subterranean garage below.

Streamlined and Efficient
The design of this new clinic — which provides capacity for 48 dialysis stations, nine home training rooms, conferencing/patient education, and staff support spaces — will bring critical care to over 350 patients dialyzing on-site while providing home training services to an additional 125 patients who are able to dialyze at home.

The design solution “de-medicalizes” the care experience while linking patients and staff and maintaining critical nursing sight lines. The design also improves workflow by decreasing the area that needs to be covered by staff members, while maximizing visibility and increasing overall individual attention to patients.

Outdoor Connections
The eastern landscape terraces down the hillside, creating vegetated areas of respite. Two levels of full height glass offer patients and guests unobstructed views and natural daylight. Bird habitats and pollinator-attracting plants in the outdoor gardens provide opportunities for non-rhythmic movements shown to reduce stress through distraction therapy.

Shown below: Vertical screening elements designed with a custom leaf-inspired pattern wrap the staff respite plaza, bringing a rich texture to the urban environment.