Tumwater Middle School

Beaverton School District

With the need for a swing school that could temporarily house three district schools undergoing reconstruction on a rotating basis, Beaverton School District hired Mahlum to design the new middle school in the Cedar Mill area. Mahlum completed design and documentation in just 9 months and supported the construction in 14 months.

The design team integrated flexibility into every aspect of the facility to accommodate the short-term requirements of K-12 range of students that will call the building home. By working directly with District-level professionals who oversee middle school curriculum and facilities standards, Mahlum created a learning environment that will serve the future needs of middle-school students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community. And as of 2021, Tumwater is now a dedicated school for the middle school learner.

In addition, the new facility is 62.8% more efficient than a building of similar size, meeting the minimum requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 – 2007. Many features were incorporated to support the Oregon Resiliency Plan (ORP) as well.

Learn more about Tumwater Middle School’s values and culture in this thoughtful video produced by the Beaverton School District.