West Campus Student Housing Phase I

University of Washington

With a goal of revitalizing the University’s West Campus and providing student housing rich with amenities that will ease crowded living conditions in existing residence halls, this project represents the first step in the implementation of the University’s 2008 Comprehensive Housing Master Plan. This plan will focus on quality housing for its freshman while creating a four-year, live-on campus culture. The project is also targeting LEED Gold certification standards and 2030 Challenge compliance. In all, the project includes 1,650 beds on four building sites. The student housing facilities incorporate a wide variety of support spaces – such as a health and fitness center, cafe, 200-seat auditorium, lounge, study spaces, grocery store, and conference center – that will serve both residents and the larger community.


The buildings are designed to activate street fronts, support pedestrians and bicyclists, improve valued open space, and contribute to a vibrant neighborhood – a dynamic Student Village, which will grow to 4,500 student residents. Height and massing are limited by both zoning and construction type to yield buildings of 6 to 7 stories. Access to daylight for residential units demands that portions of the site remain open, creating light courts and articulation to the facades. To meet sustainability goals, Mahlum minimized carbon emission and energy consumption through the use of natural ventilation and heat recovery strategies. Sustainability approaches also include the use of water efficient systems and materials that are durable, easily maintained, and locally harvested.

Seattle Design Commission Design Excellence Awards (2014) | AIA Northwest & Pacific Region, Citation Award (2013) | AIA Housing Award, Specialized Housing (2013) | AIA Washington Council Civic Design Awards, Citation Award (2013) | Residential Architect Design Awards, Grand Award for Campus Housing (2013) | SCUP Excellence in Planning Awards, Honor Award (2013) | WoodWorks US Wood Design Awards, National Award for Multi-Story Wood Design (2013) | AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington Architecture, Honor Award (2012) | AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington Architecture, Citation Award (2010)

“What is truly extraordinary is the site plan in relationship to program, the searching for connectivity, and the creation of pedestrian experience in what looks to be really an automotive environment.”

– Barry Bergdoll, The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC