Bryan Hollar

Bryan Hollar



“I am inspired by the importance of our role as designers of learning environments in a time of dramatic societal and environmental change. Our work has the opportunity and responsibility to positively shape the way young people interact with each other, with information, and with the world around them for generations to come.”

Bryan has over 10 years of professional experience working on K-12 and higher education learning environments. He has served as project architect and designer on numerous complex renovation projects, including the unique opportunity to work on his alma mater, Canby High School. He enjoys breathing new life into existing buildings and conserving resources by refurbishing structures instead of demolishing them.

Bryan looks for opportunities to improve users’ well-being through holistic design solutions that build community, address social inequity, and connect occupants to the outdoors. He values working collaboratively with stakeholders, consultants, and contractors to create buildings that are elegant, functional, and environmentally sustainable.

Outside of Mahlum, Bryan is committed to professional mentoring. He has volunteered for the Architects in Schools program serving elementary school students, has served as a Team Leader for the ACE Mentor Program serving high school students, and has been involved with the University of Oregon Mentoring Circles program connecting architecture students to working professionals. Bryan is a registered architect in Oregon and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon.