Nicki Reckziegel

Nicki Reckziegel



“I see architecture as a unique tool to create systemic impact within communities – not only for the users of a space, but also for neighbors, family, educators, administrators, builders, and more. Through deep engagement we have the power to shape environments and reimagine the ways in which we live, learn, and heal.”

Joining Mahlum two years ago, Nicki has ten years of architectural experience, seven of which were spent working in Rwanda. Nicki brings a unique knowledge of learning environments from around the world. Her work is aimed at engaging stakeholders in an inclusive design process and translating organizations’ unique missions into impact-driven designs.

Nicki draws from her experience as a student of French curriculum across Canada to guide her design leadership on the new French American School of Puget Sound. Nicki is an active listener and makes space for different perspectives that represent the best interest of the client and project. She proactively recognizes issues and preemptively identifies strategies or sources to study potential solutions. Nicki provides clear and effective communication to her teams and clients in a confident and reassuring manner.

Nicki received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture from McGill University of Architecture and is the recipient of the 2014 Canada Council Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners. She is a registered architect in the State of Washington.