Sustainability at Work

via Niki Lesko Mahlum’s Portland office was recognized again in 2017 with a Sustainability at Work GOLD certification by the city of Portland. You can find our profile and sustainable office strategies at under Mahlum | Architects, Engineers, and Designers.

Creating Healthy (Plant) Communities

via Rachel Auerbach I’ve often wondered why green infrastructure seems so brown. This is a great article that makes me wonder what we can do with our landscape architects, civil engineering, and jurisdictions about having more successful storm water gardens, bioswales, and retention areas. Check this out:

Building Dignity

In our ongoing commitment to community, Mahlum continues advocacy for design of homeless shelters that not only provide safe shelter but enhance resident feelings of security and well-being. Beginning in 2011, Mahlum selected Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) as the recipient of pro bono architectural services. WSCADV’s goal was not to create a […]

Planning and Building Healthy Communities for Mental Health

via JoAnn Wilcox This study, Planning and Building Healthy Communities for Mental Health: Method, findings and reflections from a recent integrative study, published in the Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health Edition 3, concluded that there is a need for more empathic engagement by designers and managers to their task, where they ‘put themselves […]


via PJ Bauser We’re getting ready to start some work where we’ll be investigating new clinic models for a clinician’s group that is used to some traditional spatial and work organizations. I think this article offers a great reminder that we need to first observe how the care givers actually work and what they are […]

Healthcare Lessons from Shadowing a Nurse

via PJ Bauser From a surprising number of “hunting and gathering” trips to the need for quiet spaces for phone calls, interior designer Carolyn Fleetwood Blake shares her takeaways from shadowing a nurse for a day. This article, published in Artekna provides useful insights in our healthcare work.

A Strategic Vision for Impact NW

Impact NW is well on its way to realizing a dream that began in 2014, when Mahlum chose them as the recipient of a pro bono master planning project. Having recently gone through a change of leadership and an intense period of growth and visioning, they wanted to turn attention to their numerous facilities and establish a long-term vision to maximize community benefit.

Bite Sized: Mahlum Re-imagines the School Lunch

In 2013, the AIA Seattle Redesigning the School Lunch Ideas Competition provided a unique opportunity for our office to rethink the school dining experience, transforming an act of pure consumption into an opportunity for social-emotional learning, developing both sympathy and empathy. School dining today has been reduced to an efficient feeding machine—a mechanized transaction focused on meal volumes and seat capacities.

Re-imagining Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Schools

JoAnn and Kurt’s article was originally published digitally by Metropolis Magazine, then picked up by Arch Daily. Equity & Inclusion We believe that our facilities must provide equal access to academic, social, and community experiences, and we strive to eliminate the “invisible barriers” that may work against those goals. Inclusive design transcends barrier-free physical access […]