Kalapuya Ilihi is the Place to Be!

Mahlum and the Director of Housing at the University of Oregon, Michael Griffel, hosted an “evening listening session” with the residents of UO’s newest residential community – Kalapuya Ilihi. Happily, what we heard was resounding positive feedback about living in this new space.

March For Our Lives

We at Mahlum believe that every person on the planet is deserving of safe, secure places to live, work and learn, and we especially believe that no student should have to worry about endangering their lives by simply heading off to school in the morning.

Mahlum’s Engagement Process

Though all of us are trained in design, we’ve discovered that an intentional process of engaging users and stakeholders is the only way to assure that those whose lives will be most affected by the outcome have influence on how design unfolds to serve their needs.

Lunch Gets Schooled

via Jesse Walton The history behind school lunches is shared this week on Gastropod. Find out more about surplus meat and locally grown veggies. Check out this story: https://gastropod.com/lunch-gets-schooled/

Mahlum Day of Service

Each year we gather our 90+ staff to connect, reflect, and strategize, strengthening bonds between our two offices and finding inspiration in our shared purpose. As we gathered in Portland this summer, we also included a day of service to help increase health and well-being in our community.

Sustainability at Work

via Niki Lesko Mahlum’s Portland office was recognized again in 2017 with a Sustainability at Work GOLD certification by the city of Portland. You can find our profile and sustainable office strategies at www.portlandoregon.gov under Mahlum | Architects, Engineers, and Designers.

Creating Healthy (Plant) Communities

via Rachel Auerbach I’ve often wondered why green infrastructure seems so brown. This is a great article that makes me wonder what we can do with our landscape architects, civil engineering, and jurisdictions about having more successful storm water gardens, bioswales, and retention areas. Check this out: https://www.thomasrainer.com/blog/2017/3/25/green-infrastructure-10-has-failed

Building Dignity

In our ongoing commitment to community, Mahlum continues advocacy for design of homeless shelters that not only provide safe shelter but enhance resident feelings of security and well-being. Beginning in 2011, Mahlum selected Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) as the recipient of pro bono architectural services. WSCADV’s goal was not to create a […]