We speak frequently at regional, national and global events. We also have various ongoing research projects.

Cooper Hewitt Exhibit
By the People: Designing a Better America
Building Dignity Video

Design is not a luxury. Design can mean the difference between finding a healing refuge from domestic violence or a rule-driven environment that hampers survivor-centered advocacy. Building Dignity: Design Strategies for Domestic Violence Shelter is a web-based resource to help domestic violence advocates, designers, architects, and policy makers make that difference. A collaboration between Mahlum and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV), this video shows how thoughtful design strategies can complement and support the important mission and values of domestic violence programs. Watch the video here.

Case Studies in Mass Timber Architecture, Technology & Design

Joseph Mayo presented at the 2016 Walsh Building Science Seminar in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. The event focused on energy consumption reduction and the design and construction of wood structures. See the presentation here.

CLT Feasibility Report

Funding Strategies

The “CLT Feasibility Study” explores the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete construction in zones we are calling “low high-rise,” around 85 feet to 125 feet high. The study details issues of fire safety, structure and cost in the Seattle market for a 10-story multi-family building. The results are promising and indicate that CLT can be a favorable new structural and architectural material to harness in the Pacific Northwest. See it here.

Metro Area Presentation

Mahlum Principals Diane Shiner and LeRoy Landers helped Portland Metro area educators and school facility administrators understand the process of long-range planning at the May 30, 2014 Metro Area Facilities Workshop hosted by the Center for Innovative School Facilities. Diane and LeRoy explored how to evaluate existing facilities, weigh improvement and expansion options, and accurately estimate costs. The workshop drew several school districts from across Oregon and Southwest Washington. See it here.

Central Oregon Facility Workshop

Diane Shiner and LeRoy Landers had the opportunity to present their Long Range Facility Plan as part of the "Planning for Equity, Capacity & Partnerships" discussion at the Central Oregon Facilities Workshop on September 25, 2014. See it here.

Wilkes Elementary School Video Presentation

To celebrate the accomplishments of Bainbridge Island School District in the completion of Wilkes Elementary School, Mahlum commissioned a 5-minute video.The pride and pleasure for all that Wilkes now offers this island community is clearly felt through interviews with District representatives, teachers, parents and students. See it here.

Mid-Valley/Coast Oregon Facility Workshop

Diane Shiner and LeRoy Landers participated as trainers for the Mid-Valley/Coast Oregon Facility Workshop in Albany, OR, on March 19, 2015. They presented their Long Range Facility Plan as part of the "Long Range Planning & Classroom Design" morning workshop at the event. See it here.