Joining Forces for Community Impact

Each year we gather our 90+ staff to connect, reflect, and strategize, strengthening bonds between our two offices and finding inspiration in our shared purpose. As we gathered in Portland this summer, we also included a day of service to help increase health and well-being in our community.

In alignment with our vision – empowering communities to assure health & well-being for all – we offered our services to 12 non-profit entities in the Portland area. We split our office up into groups of 7 to 9 people per organization, and our staff spent time educating themselves before venturing on to the non-profit.

We asked that all of our staff ask themselves the following questions during their time volunteering:

  • How is this service propelling us to our vision?
  • What challenges are evident?
  • What gives you hope?

We also documented our time spent with these organizations through video, hand sketches, still photos, music, and poetry. Every group gave a presentation to share their experience with the entire office.

As individuals, professionals, and a design team, we were awed and humbled by the people and organizations we helped. This work is never done, and we look forward to engaging with these and other non-profits in the future.

It is our desire to help create healthy and sustainable places in all that we do. We hope you will also find inspiration in one of these groups to make a difference in the community.