We at Mahlum believe that every person on the planet is deserving of safe, secure places to live, work and learn, and we especially believe that no student should have to worry about endangering their lives by simply heading off to school in the morning.

Our firm is dedicated to creating spaces for students to discover, create, grow and develop. We design shared classrooms so different ages can work together and learn from each other – we add transparency so that teachers and pupils feel a sense of camaraderie. We include outdoor learning stations and environmentally sustainable elements because we understand how important a connection to and responsibility for the earth is to young learners. We do everything we can to create an ideal space for young minds to begin to grasp their unlimited potential and power – but we’ve learned that we can’t always protect them.

Which is why we need to do something.

March for Our Lives is happening on Saturday, March 24th. The event, organized by the survivors of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, is part of a larger movement for better gun safety measures. And with almost 700 connected events occurring on the same day worldwide, it seems that everyone understands that now is the time for something to happen.

As they write on the March for Our Lives website, “School safety is not a political issue. There cannot be two sides to doing everything in our power to ensure the lives and futures of children who are at risk of dying when they should be learning, playing, and growing.”

These kids inspire us (and the country) to finally take action and demand that Congress address gun issues and the gun violence that continuously returns to the classrooms of the United States.

We need to show these kids that we’re finally listening – which is why we’re encouraging our staff to participate in this monumental event. You can find the closest event to you here, or you can make a donation to the cause if you’re unable to attend.

Stand With Us at March for Our Lives.